Broken Promise

I got this essay from a friend and I felt I had to pass it on. Bob

Broken Promise

When you make a promise to God, it should be kept. Even if you are a sinner, if you make a promise to God, it should be kept.

Allow me to give you a couple of examples and what the end result was.

Two different people, we’ll call one John and the other, Jim.

John was a drunk who stayed drunk all the time. Jim was on drugs and stayed high all the time. They both had one thing in common: calling out for help. John gets so drunk that he stays in the bathroom hugging the great white throne, yelling, “help me Lord get through this. I promise I won’t do it again.“

Jim gets so high that it makes him sick. He too yells out, “help me Lord, get me through this. I promise I won’t do this again.” They both lied, they keep doing it again and again and again.

John gets in a bad car wreck, he yells out, “help Lord, I promise I won’t do this again.” Again the Lord helps him. Jim is put in the hospital for drug overdose. He managed to yell out, “help me Lord I promise I won’t do this again.” They both lied again.

The day finally came. John was drunk, wrecked his car and was knocked unconscious and couldn’t call for help. Jim overdosed, he passed out and couldn’t call for help. Their lives were over.

All of a sudden they wake up. Both of them are taking a train ride. They ask the conductor where they were going. The conductor told them that this train stops in Hell. The both scream out, “Lord help me.” Sorry, not this time, because the Lord isn’t there.

When they got off from the train, they heard this voice laughing at them. When they turned around, what do they see? Not the Lord; remember, he is not there.

But this voice is still laughing at them. All of a sudden it stops laughing and said, “you have broken your promise, Welcome to Hell. You now belong to me.”

You just heard what happened to John and Jim. Now it’s time to check your hearts. Have you made a promise to God that you haven’t kept? Have you made a promise to one of God’s children that you haven’t kept? Because making a promise to one of God’s children is the same as making a promise to God. You need to make good of it.

You decide which voice you want to hear: God saying,”Well done my good and faithful servant”, or Satan saying “You’ve broken your promise. Welcome to Hell, you now belong to me.”



How to Heal Yourself, Step by Step

The Start of Something Good

From here on it is up to you and it will not always be easy at the start.

You will find this part of the start the easiest. First you must find or make your quiet place. It must have no distractions-no loud sounds-no T.V,-no one talking-if you need music, it must be very soft and soothing.

Your quiet place, your place of thought and meditation, must be available every day. I use my bedroom.

I lay on my back on my bed with my arms, legs and feet touching nothing other than the bedding. Then I relax next I start breathing deeply. Next I visualize my heart, then slowly visualize my breathing moving from my lungs to my heart. As you feel your breath moving to your heart you also feel yourself more removed from the outside world.

Now the next and most important step, Prayerfully ask your spirit, your inner self, to reveal the places within your body that needs strengthening or repair.

If a doctor has diagnosed a problem in your body it makes this next step easier. Also if you have been living with one or more hurts, your spirit has already started to show you the point that needs repairing.

Remember you now have the key! You now know the key to your inner spirit; it is learning to breathe through your heart! Now for each hurt go back to your heart, for it is your connection with your healing spirit.

Next visually go inside your body from your heart to your spine. You must remain relaxed with your eyes closed, and then slowly visually move up or down your spine, then out to the location of that hurt. When you reach that hurt, slowly mentally massage that hurt.

Open your eyes, breath deeply, then go back to your heart and slowly move to the next pain.

This all takes practice, you must discipline your self, and this must become an every day exercise!

If you are tired of living in pain, then the few minutes spent each morning are well worth the time.

I have advanced to the point that my spirit and I do a body cleansing each morning, this helps me stay pain free all day, and helps keep me from health related surprises later on. Also while in this state of meditation I find it to be a great time for prayers.

No matter how much I hurt when I wake up in the morning, I know all those hurts will be gone, and I will be pain free all day after my quiet time. Sometimes I feel I just don’t have the time, and then I remember how much longer those days were living with pain.

Now you have ALL the tools for pain free living and now you have the KEY! Have faith in your self that you can do it, I know you can because I can.

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I have a special friend, Davy Jones, Davy has a special way with words, his words come from his heart. Davy gave me permission to use his article on meditation in my Blog.Thank you Davy.

Walking in Holiness

There is something inside us that is bigger than we are. It is better than we are and more loving and caring. It can bring positive strategies and answers to help us deal with the push-pull situations of life. And when we are ready for it, we can become empowered by this source. This power is the Holy Spirit, and we can access it when we are in a certain mind set which is much like prayer.

The following meditation can help us in allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us. Remember that the Spirit is already within us; we just have to get our tangled emotions and our focus on material things out of the way.

For our meditation we need a quiet place and a few minutes to remain undisturbed. A chair in which to relax and focus on the Spirit is all we need. If we are serious about our meditation and are aware of the very real possibility of being touched by the Spirit we will have no trouble in being humble as we begin.

Seated in your chair gradually shut the world out. Close your eyes if you like. Become very still and quiet. Focus on your breathing and relax.

Let your tummy draw in the air. Exhale through your nose. Remain conscious of your breathing for a while then let it become automatic again.

Relax your shoulders. All the while remain focused on the Holy Spirit. Think of good and caring things others have done for you. That is the Spirit at work. While you are meditating, if an intrusive or negative thought pops up, simply accept it and tuck it down inside yourself into a quiet place. Remain focused on the infinite peace and love of the Spirit.
Just stop thinking and relax into the Spirit and await the touch. When the Spirit comes, it will wrap around you like a blanket on a chilly day. You will feel refreshed. You will automatically remain humble because you realize that the power which has touched you is infinite in scope. Rise from your chair and stretch. Now you can walk back into life, walking in Holiness.

Love Davy
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Our Body According to Bob

As we go into another year I’m going to lay some real heavy stuff on you. We will call it “Our Body According to Bob”.

First I believe our body is in two parts. Let us call them our worldly body and our eternal body.
The worldly body is the part we wear out! This is the part we use every day, this part we control mostly with our brain.

The eternal part is the part most of us seldom use! It is the part that never wears out! It lasts forever! This is the part that most of us carry around as dead weight most of our earthly life. We will call this part our inner spirit, our soul. This is the part that will go on forever and never wear out, yet most never or seldom use.

This eternal you and me is reached only through our heart and prayer, and all through unlike our worldly life it just sits there waiting to be asked to help! Yes, you need to ask!
It is your direct line to Your Father in Heaven, and the line is always open.

When asked it will tell you what foods you should, or should not eat. It will also tell you how much food is necessary.

It will tell you what parts of your body need repairing and how to repair them. Also if you ask, how to stop the pain!

Most of all, how to develop FAITH IN OURSELVES! Faith in us is the key to using all of the above.

By developing faith in ourselves we are able to create a favorable outward aura affecting those around us.

We must remember it is our heart that is the key to the doorway behind which all of this information is stored. The information is always there, and I will help you find the KEY so you too can use your gifts.
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Another Day of Learning to Heal

Another day and another learning session for me, and for you!

We will start this session by going back in time about six years. At that time I was in much pain, it was painful just to walk. I had a friend who was very knowledgeable in exercise and therapy. She told me if I continued hurting the way I was hurting, and did not start doing something
about it, there was a good probability I would not be able to walk in less than a year!

That got my attention! That was strong stuff! I listened REAL GOOD! She set me up with a series of exercises, she said now Bob it is on YOUR back, make up your mind that you will FAITHFULLY do these exercises each day or start learning to use a wheelchair!

Each morning I exercise about twenty minutes. I do these exercises EVERY morning, I leave no opening for excuses! Here it is six years later and I am STILL walking!

The legs and knees all work, but I find exercise does nothing for the pain! I found I needed something beside exercise! For many years I had been looking for that additional something to control that PAIN! This is what I have found!

I don’t know what to call it. Sandra, my wife, calls it meditation. I really don’t like that term, so I just call it Bob’s Stuff. The name is unimport-ant, all I know it works for me and with FAITH IN YOURSELF it will work for you!

Before my morning exercises I do what I call my pain cleansing session. This morning I had several hurts, my main hurt was two of my ribs that had been broken and healed in the past week. I worked in the yard yesterday and again damaged them! This was my major hurt, this required my full attention! I put all of my concentration towards this repair and pain releaf. By the time I started my exercise I found I had almost no energy left!

Today I learned to restore my energy it just required several minutes of DEEP BREATHING through MY HEART!

It appears to me that by pumping more oxygen into our heart, we quickly restore our lost energy, this also gives our body the ability to stop its hurts, and heal the damaged parts! The ribs? They feel fine!

Walk with me and we will find many ways to improve the quality of each of our lives! As I learn I will let you know! As you learn new things please share them with me. Together we will explore our new world together!

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Heart Stuff

Heart Stuff

Why all of this heart stuff? Because I believe the heart is where all the good stuff comes from! The faith in yourself, your ability to see, feel, heal, taste, create, dream, your ability to just feel good, to enjoy life, to share this joy with others, yes I believe it all comes from your heart and my heart. I believe all the TRUE YOU comes from the heart! Both from your heart and your inner self (your soul).

What about the brain? I believe all the WORLDLY stuff in your life comes through your brain! Think about this-You are sitting in a group-someone tells a very shaggy story-every one else laughs-your brain says “it must be funny because everyone else is laughing”-but-your heart says “that story is gross why should I follow the crowd and laugh?” Which one do I listen to? Don’t be afraid to be different, listen to your heart!

That heart pumping inside your body is much more than just a pump. It is the connection between our body and our soul! It is the source of

OUR emotions, it is the place that our faith in ourselves comes from!

The heart is also the source of an aura (an unseen something that is transmitted from your heart and is received and translated by other nearby hearts). As we increase our faith in ourselves we also project a stronger aura, a brighter image of ourselves to others.

As our faith within ourselves increases, we find that we have much more power in controlling those daily hurts within our bodies, we start feeling better about ourselves, we start seeing beauty, we start hearing sounds within our heart-music-birds-surf, yes the sounds of our new life! We start seeing the best in others!

Never forget-when our heart took its first beat we were given all the tools we would ever need for our entire life! Never let them waste away in some old musty corner! Take them-use them-enjoy them.

Share them with others!

We can do anything we set our heart to do! I know you can because I

can. Just hold out your hand we will do them together.

Friends please stick with me. Today (Friday April 7, 2006 at 9:00 AM) I found the KEY-well actually it was one of the first, and maybe one of the greatest, of all my birth gifts! When I first received this gift I had just put it away in a SAFE-PLACE-and you know what happens to things we put in that SAFE-PLACE. Today I refound the KEY!

After rediscovering the key I find myself learning many new things-IMPORTANT THINGS-important to you and to me, and I am finding them coming faster than I can write them down!

Today I have learned how very important breathing through your heart really is! It is the doorway to that inner-you! It opens the door

to the true you. By fully concentrating on our heart we are able to block out the out-side world! This gives our inner-self (our soul) true and full control of our body!

Our inner-self was given all the instruction books for all of the tools we were given at birth. Always remember-at birth each of us was given ALL the tools we would ever need for all of our life!

Our worldly part (our brain) thinks it knows everything. So-it never bothers with the instructions. That is why we mess up so often.

How many times have we said “ all-else has failed, I guess it is time to find the instruction book”. Today I was handed back my lost key!

Today I was given the key to finding the books! Today I learned how to communicate with my inner-self! Today I was given the true meaning of my life, and most important, what to do with it!

Starting this day I will be sharing these gifts with you! Welcome to Bob’s world, after a hug we will start walking hand in hand sharing our new world together.

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The Purpose of Faith, Pain and Healing Blog

Of Faith, Pain, and Healing

Why did I start this blog? What is its purpose? Or maybe we should just ask what caused Bob to start this blog?

A while back (earlier this year) I took a short course in psychology taught by my friend Russ. This was my fourth or fifth class with Russ. Each of his classes has made a difference in my life. The next to last day and of this class opened a new door in my life that I will never walk back through again.

Russ taught the class how to breathe with our heart! When the class was over I realized that one lesson had made me feel good. REALLY GOOD!!

Yes Russ you created a monster! Russ you started me thinking! Back when my kids were growing up, I can remember them saying many times “get out of the way Dad’s thinking again and you never know what is going to happen”. Reach out and take my hand and we will travel through this exciting new learning adventure together.

Basically this blog is your world-my world-OUR WORLD-according to Bob! I will be sharing new things I have learned (and am still learning) about my self and others as they happen to me, and remember this is all happening in the few short weeks since Russ first sowed that seed! Welcome aboard, I know we are in for an exciting trip!

I have learned that it is really our heart that controls the faith we have in ourselves.

Many times I will be telling you to TRULY look into that mirror each morning. The WAY you see that reflection can control your life for all of that day!

When I look in MY mirror each morning I now see the reflection of a person who knows that before that day is over he will see a miracle!

Look upon this blog as Bob’s welcome hug. You will notice that there is always a hand held out asking you to walk along with me. With each step let’s take as big of a bite out of life as we can and enjoy it together. Remember we have been given all the tools we will ever need for our journey, lets enjoy them together.---Thanks Russ you opened the door!---And thank YOU for reading my blog.

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Smell the Roses

Smell the Roses

Don't be afraid or ashamed to be different. We are all different. Think how boring a rubber-stamp world would be.

Go back to the mirror; look that person in the eye. You know that person is great, one of a kind, like no other. And God created that mold just for you. The day you were born you were given ALL the tools you'll ever need for your entire life. Only your excuses can keep you from using all of those gifts.

Go back out and smell the roses. Have faith in yourself. Allow that rose to fulfill it reason for being created. For that instant that Rose was created just for you.

What are you going to do with that rose? Are you just going to quickly smell rose and then throw it away or are you going to take the time to really study its color? Truly smell the fragrance? Take the time to see, feel, smell its beauty with your heart. After all it was created just for you, it was created just for to make you feel good and feel good comes from the heart.

Feel-good gives your faith in yourself. I believe much of our joy, happiness, healing, comes from the heart. I believe our faith in ourselves comes from our heart.

I believe we must learn to see beauty with our heart, think with our heart, heal pain with our heart, hear music with our heart, first and foremost and truly the most important we must learn to breath with our heart because after learning this one thing everything else will fall into place, and last we must have faith in ourselves that we can do all these things.

We must always remember we have been given all the tools we will ever need! All we need is faith in ourselves to be able to use them all, and use them wisely.

Just a little faith in yourself and you can move mountains! I know you can because I can!

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Intro to Faith, Pain, and Healing

The First Rock

Hi, I'm Bob.

I'm not a doctor, a preacher, I haven't even stayed at a Holiday Inn, but I may be able to help you with some of your pain and help you feel good.

So, I'll put in this disclaimer now:


Before you read this blog, you had better check with your medical doctor, your friends, your politicians, your preacher, your priest or rabbi, your psychic and anyone else you feel is smarter than you—because you may need permission to read further.

These words are my opinions, my inspiration, and my conclusions. You and only you are responsible if you choose to do anything based on what you read on this blog.

Now, on with my Blog:

The first rock in our path is Faith - not the go to church Faith - not the read the scriptures Faith. It's Faith in "You".

So you make mistakes, we all do. Now let's get back to the meat of this blog - Faith in Yourself - I don't want to hear "Well maybe I'll try" - think to yourself "I'm going to do it" - leave yourself no excuse - no back door - just "I can do it".

The first step is develope Faith in yourself - no excuses - just make up your mind I'm going to do it.

If when you get up in the morning - look in the mirror and see an unloved face - you will be unloved all day.

If you see that same old face - you will have another some old day.

If that face says "I'm sure I can" - that face will have a special glow and it will las all day - And Yes You Can!

Faith in yourself is so great - and it rubs off on others.

When you look in the mirror and see someone that hurts, stop looking at that person - and look for the one that is going out to smell the roses.

We must get over that first rock - we must have Faith in ourselves, we must know we can. Before we take the next step - without Faith in ourselves, that rock becomes a stone wall.

I'm great - I have Faith in myself - and I know you are great as well. Then we'll take the next step and don't look back!

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